The Ocean’s Influence On Climate

AMO 60-year cycle about to head south – click to enlarge

A new paper published in Nature shows that climate change in the 1970s was caused by ocean cooling. Meaning: The Ocean has a significant influence on climate. Well, of course it does! I mean, come on, where have these guys been? Ocean cycles are well known to other scientists.

Plus, isn’t it fairly obvious? Two thirds of the world’s surface is ocean. Internal currents transmit temperature changes from the depths to the surface and vice versa. It’s basically a giant heat exchange machine. At least this paper indicates that the global warmists are realizing that there is quite a bit more to climate than a single trace gas in the atmosphere.

“Here we show that the hemispheric differences in temperature trends in the middle of the twentieth century stem largely from a rapid drop in Northern Hemisphere sea surface temperatures of about 0.3 °C between about 1968 and 1972. The timescale of the drop is shorter than that associated with either tropospheric aerosol loadings or previous characterizations of oscillatory multidecadal variability. The drop is evident in all available historical sea surface temperature data sets, is not traceable to changes in the attendant metadata, and is not linked to any known biases in surface temperature measurements. The drop is not concentrated in any discrete region of the Northern Hemisphere oceans, but its amplitude is largest over the northern North Atlantic.”

‘An abrupt drop in Northern Hemisphere sea surface temperature around 1970’

‘Meereskälte soll Klimawende ausgelöst haben’,1518,719166,00.html

Website translator:

‘AMO 60-year cycle’

25 September, 2010


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