34,600 Whales & Counting

Look at the steady increase in whales killed each year since the 1986 ban on commercial whaling. If there had been an immediate jump during the 1990s, to today’s levels, there would have been an international outcry. Japan must have realised that they could increase the killing slightly over time and get away with it. So, even if the status quo remains on the ban, the numbers killed will probably keep increasing.

Globally 34,600 since 1986! The Japanese have made a mockery of the word “ban” and the word “research”.

“Their recordings of meetings with pro-whaling officials around the world reveal the secrets of a Japanese vote-buying operation that Tokyo always denies.

It comes as Japan is attempting to break the 24-year moratorium on commercial whaling with a proposal to introduce quotas at the IWC meeting in Morocco, starting next Monday.

Japan, Norway and Iceland have killed 35,000 whales since the moratorium was introduced. In Japan’s case, the killings have been justified as “scientific research” although about 5000 tonnes a year of the whale meat is eaten in dishes such as sashimi.”

‘Slay the whales, and pass the loot’

‘Total number of whales killed since 1986 ban’

19 June, 2010



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