A Real Global Warming Conspiracy?

Michael Crichton’s State of Fear may have to move from the fiction to the non-fiction shelves at this rate!

“General reaction seems to be that the CRUgate emails are genuine, but with the caveat that there could be some less reliable stuff slipped in.

In the circumstances, here are some summaries of the CRUgate files. I’ll update these as and when I can. The refs are the email number.”

‘Climate Cuttings’

Additional Links:

‘Climate Centre hacked: Thousands of files leaked on internet’

‘HadleyCRU says leaked data is real’

‘Alleged CRU Emails – 942777075.txt’

21 November, 2009



3 Responses to A Real Global Warming Conspiracy?

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  2. Hello Simonjmeath,
    Interesting Post, There’s mountains of evidence for human caused global warming, and the scientists who say it’s not true all work for the oil companies.

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