“Amazongate” — The Finale

It looks like the UN gravy boat (the IPCC Titanic) has taken on enough water to make its sinking inevitable. One of their most alarmist claims was that the Amazon rainforest would be replaced by tropical savanna, because of an increased sensitivity to lower rainfall. But it has become clear that just one sentence, from an obscure environmental advocacy group, was the sole source of that claim:

“Probably 30 to 40% of the forests of the brazilian Amazon are sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall.”

They took a “probably” and turned into a certainty. And still, 40% of the Brazilian rainforest is approx. 24% of the Amazonian rainforest! Not only did the IPCC base their claim on a WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) paper, that sourced the environmental advocacy group, but also they even doubled the figure!

“Last week, after six months of evasions, obfuscation, denials and retractions, a story which has preoccupied this column on and off since January came to a startling conclusion. It turns out that one of the most widely publicised statements in the 2007 report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a claim on which tens of billions of dollars could hang – was not based on peer-reviewed science, as repeatedly claimed, but originated solely from anonymous propaganda published on the website of a small Brazilian environmental advocacy group.”

‘Amazongate: At last we reach the source’

11 July, 2010



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