BBC Under Scrutiny

The BBC is beginning to be held accountable by the British government and public. After years of biased reporting, they are starting to clean up their act and become impartial.

There is a long way to go, of course, as they cannot simply restore their damaged reputation by putting on a few balanced stories. They need to get back to the basics: gathering the news, reporting the facts, rather than their opinions. Simple.

It used to be “date, time, information; date, time, information”. Bias of some sort had to be there, considering that they would choose to look at certain issues, but at least they VERIFIED their facts. Or, if they weren’t verified they’d say: “We have unconfirmed reports that……”.

That is why they were so respected everywhere. Even Britain’s enemies would listen to the BBC, sometimes under the threat of death, to get the facts. They were once held in such incredible high regard. I hope that they will be again.

22 August, 2010


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