Chinese Nationalism

It’s quite a concern because whipping up this unthinking warmongering nationalism could seriously backfire. Either the communist regime will be ousted by it, or after they’re gone China might just turn into a more militant and anti-western version of Russia under Putin.

This is not the kind of mindset that is going to allow any kind of transition to democracy.

“AUSTRALIAN police have jostled with Chinese flame attendants and wrestled pro-Tibet protesters to the ground as the Olympic torch made its way through Canberra.

The relay has now ended, with former Olympian Ian Thorpe lighting a cauldron in Commonwealth Park, which quickly went out and had to be relit by Chinese attendants.

Pro-China demonstrators turned out in force in what relay organisers have said was a co-ordinated attempt to “carry the day”. A sea of red flags emerged when the Chinese anthem was sung to officially end the relay ceremony.”

‘Olympic torch relay: Guards clash in Canberra’

“Like all other foreign journalists in China, I get my share of criticism from Chinese readers, mostly about my stories on TIME’s website or my posts on our China Blog. Some of the criticism can be pretty sharp–that comes with the territory. But the opprobrium has taken on a distinctly unpleasant edge in recent weeks as a wave of nationalist anger has roiled China.

“Simon, you will be hated by 1.3 billion Chinese,” someone wrote in response to my blog post about the chaotic progress of the Olympic torch through London. “Hope someday someone will spit on your face. Your name will be recorded in Chinese history book forever as one of cold blooded, Hitler-type, murder’s assistant.”

‘Why China’s Burning Mad’
By SIMON ELEGANT/BEIJING,9171,1734821,00.html

29 April, 2008


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