Climategate: The Five Stages Of Grief (Stage 2: Anger)

Despite the claim made by the mainstream media that the “Climategate” files were hacked from CRU, possibly by professionals (criminals) sponsored by “big business”, there is actually compelling evidence that it was a whistleblower.

One indication of this is that some of the incriminating files were leaked to the BBC a month beforehand, but weatherman Paul Hudson chose to sit on them, rather than pass them on to someone else.

Maybe it was just such stonewalling which forced the whistleblower to place them onto a Russian server. There they would have anonymity, the files could not easily be taken down, and it would be difficult to trace their source.

Also, the fact that the email archives are named by Unix timestamp, ranging from Thu 07 March 1996 14:41:07 GMT through to Thu 12 Nov 2009 19:17:44 GMT is a strong indicator that they were extracted from an enterprise archive, probably by the FOIA Compliance Officer and not hacked from individuals’ workstations.

Finally, as Lord Monckton points out, whistleblowers are protected under British law, so hopefully the British police investigation will establish the truth — regardless of all the media spin.

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16 December, 2009


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