Cloud Theory

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This is the theory of how cosmic rays and solar activity affect cloud cover and how they influence global warming. I think it’s a major piece of the puzzle, along with ocean cycles. However, as Professor Richard Lindzen (the American atmospheric physicist) notes, it is unlikely that solar forcing is the primary cause of the 20th century warming. Although the Sun is the obvious suspect, Lindzen objects to the notion that you can assign to climate a single factor, and forcing by another single factor. The system is much more complex than that. For example, The Ice Age (Quaternary glaciation) was driven by variations in the Earth’s orbit. Yet, it must be noted that the faint young Sun paradox can easily be accounted for if the Earth’s system is dominated by negative feedback from cloud cover.

The Danish series on cloud theory, which stars Henrik Svensmark:

‘”The Cloud Mystery” 1/5’

‘Cosmic rays and Earth’s Cloud Cover’

‘En Ubekvem Sandhed – del 4’

‘Cosmic Rays and Climate’

‘Is the causal link between cosmic rays and cloud cover really dead??’

‘Faint young Sun paradox’

7 September, 2010


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