Georgia Betrayed

Russia has not so much frightened the Georgians into submission as cowed their U.S. allies instead. Denying Georgia defensive weapons not only endangers them but allows Russia to achieve one of its central objectives, to send a severe warning to all other former Soviet countries that if they try to get too close to the West (i.e. Nato, EU, good terms with Western leaders etc.) there may be severe consequences for them. It is wrong to punish Georgia for a war they neither wanted, nor started. And it is stupid to allow a military vacuum to exist when Russian tanks and missiles are only 30 miles from Tbilisi.

“Since the 2008 Russian invasion, Georgia has practically become a military vacuum, lacking such basic defensive equipment as anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades or air defenses, while facing massive Russian forces, and devoid of strategic depth. US policy is generally described as an undeclared arms embargo on Georgia, ruling out purely defensive items, including non-lethal equipment. In practical terms, this policy takes the form of stalling on requests submitted by Georgia or by US companies willing to work with Georgia. Without rejecting them outright, the State Department and Pentagon have simply not been acting on such requests during the last two years. The default policy seems to be one of neither denying nor approving.”

‘U.S. Policy on Defense Assistance to Georgia: Neither Yes or No, Perhaps Sometimes’

‘Russia Inhibits U.S. Defense Assistance to Georgia’

‘Russia, muster missiles to Georgia’

28 September, 2010


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