Gerlich and Tscheuschner: Anthropogenic CO2 Has No Effect On Average Earth Temperature

CO2 emissions are rising but MGT is not

Unfortunately for us, as both Gerlich and Tscheuschner demonstrate, we really don’t have very good science for AGW. There is just no data that shows man-made CO2 contributes to the “greenhouse effect”. The anthropogenic part of the total CO2 is insignificant and will make an insignificant contribution to any positive or negative feedback. In other words: Man-made CO2 has zero impact on global temperature change.

The first chapter of ‘Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics’ (pp. 6-10) accomplishes the large part of it — removing the central tenet of the AGW hypothesis. Anthropogenic CO2 is irrelevant to the so-called “greenhouse effect”. The fact is that you cannot say that CO2 has any significant warming effect globally, even if you doubled CO2 concentration over the next hundred years.

Despite the fact that some climatologists say that if we have a rapid rise in CO2 we’re all going to heat up — in other words, the conductivity is going to be greater and the heat is going to pour in through CO2, and it will start spreading around the world very fast — the reality is that by measuring the known diffusivity and conductivity of CO2 (and other gases), these German physicists have demonstrated that the current the diffusivity is only 1.427 (see Table 6), and if you double the CO2 content in the atmosphere it is still only 1.427 (see Table 7). It hasn’t changed at all! And the conductivity is the same.

Also, for the total air (not just the CO2 but total air) the conductivity is only 0.02586 — which becomes 0.02585. And the diffusivity is slightly less! So, it appears that CO2 is irrelevant for what some climatologists say is “global warming” or a change in climate. It is beyond the limit of all measurement, because, even if you doubled it, there is still no noticeable conductivity or diffusivity due to CO2.

(See pp. 92-94 ‘Physicist’s Summary’)

‘Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics’

Given the temperature sets used for this paper, it’s hardly worth discussing. But in military terms, you could say that they are trying to make tactical cover while strategically retreating:

‘Temperature and CO2 feedback loop ‘weaker than thought’

‘Amplification of Global Warming by Carbon-Cycle Feedback Significantly Less Than Thought, Study Suggests’

Here is what engineers knew all along. That anthropogenic CO2 can have no influence on average earth temperature due to process control fundamentals:

“The tenuous link between CO2 greenhouse effects and the Earth’s temperature indicates humanity has no effective manipulated variable to control temperature; the steady-state gain dT/dCO2 is almost zero. If so, the system is uncontrollable. Kyoto will fail no matter what the political consensus may be.”

‘Chemical Engineer Takes on Global Warming’

Even with a high climate sensitivity the bulk of the warming in the ice ages is not caused by CO2:

‘Calculated temperature contribution of low and high CO2 climate sensitivity in the Vostok Ice Core’

29 January, 2010


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