Global Climate Disruption

Global Warming, also known as Climate Change, has been rebranded Global Climate Disruption by Obama’s science “czar” John Holdren. This is an interesting albeit amusing game in semantics. First, “climate change” is a rather vague term to describe anthropogenic global warming, since there has always been climate change – both warming and cooling – in the earth’s history. Secondly, the word “disruption” is more specific but widens the scope enough to encompass falling, static or unpredictable temperatures. Unfortunately for true believers, this goes against James Hansen’s original AGW hypothesis.

“At the Environmental Protection Agency’s 40th celebration of the Clean Air Act on Tuesday, Holdren said, “I think one of the failures of the scientific community was in embracing the term ‘global warming’. Global warming is in fact a dangerous misnomer.” And in a speech last week in Norway, echoing remarks he made at a 2007 speech at Harvard University, Holdren said the term “global climate disruption” should be used instead of “global warming.”

‘Obama’s Science Adviser: Don’t Call it ‘Global Warming’ ‘

“This winter’s extreme weather — with heavy snowfall in some places and unusually low temperatures — is in fact a sign of how climate change disrupts long-standing patterns, according to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation.”

‘Harsh winter a sign of disruptive climate change, report says’

‘Total eclipse of the Moonbat’

‘UK/Australian seasonal forecasts: FAIL’

‘After “Global Climate Disruption”: next name?’

22 December, 2010


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