Hamas History Lesson

Hamas won the Palestinian legislative election in 2006, which gave them control of the assembly and the right to appoint a prime minister, Mahmoud al-Zahar. But, the presidency of the Palestinian Authority is a separately elected position and is still held by Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah political party.

There have always been incidents of violence between Hamas and Fatah, but Hamas gradually became so powerful in the Gaza Strip that they were eventually able to take over by force. This was because of the supply of money, military training and equipment from countries like Iran and Syria.

In the final confrontation in Gaza, Hamas attacked the Fatah offices, marched away the captured leadership, and murdered them. They then put on their opponents’ uniforms so as to appear legitimate to the world. Did the world scream blue murder when these Palestinians slaughtered their fellow Palestinians in their thousands? No, I don’t remember any protests.

Most tellingly, there wasn’t anything approaching the level of international condemnation that followed Israel’s flotilla interception and boarding. Nine “peace-activists” were killed in that incident, compared to thousands of Palestinians killed by Hamas. Where was the worldwide outrage over Hamas’ atrocities? There certainly wasn’t a demand for a U.N. investigation.

It is often argued that countries like Israel, as democracies, need to be held to higher standards—and that is as it should be—but I feel that Israel is often held to an unreasonable standard. And people wonder why Israel is often aloof as a nation. It’s because they’re used to being the world’s whipping boy.

“In the election that followed, Hamas, committed to the destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews, won comfortably. They consolidated their position with open warfare with Fatah and about 2000 Palestinians were killed. If they’d do that to fellow Palestinians, imagine the fate of Israelis.”

‘Where are the protests?’

‘Hamas leader sets conditions for truce’

‘Hamas terrorists kill innocent Palestinian in Gaza (Rare Video) (Must See)’

19 June, 2010



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