IHH’s True Face

So-called "peaceful humanitarians"

To understand the flotilla incident, one must examine the rise of the Islamist regime in Turkey, away from their secular tradition, and how this is drawing them closer to Iran. The extremist agenda of the Turks on board the Marvi Marama is the primary cause of the violence.

It would seem that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) were totally unprepared for the threat of violent activists, with ties to terrorists. The commanders were clearly only expecting peaceful protesters. Understandable, as this was all that confronted them on the other five boats.

The primary weapons of the IDF commandos were paint-guns, used for crowd dispersal. But these were not much use against a murderous mob armed with knives, metal poles, and even handguns. It was obviously an Islamist trap, which the IDF commandos, quite literally, fell into.

Who were the violent mob on the so-called peaceful flotilla, and what was their purpose?

•Their primary purpose was to get this provocation, not to deliver humanitarian aid.
•The Turkish group behind the flotilla is called the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief, or the IHH.
•They want to overthrow the Turkish government and impose Sharia law in Turkey.
•The Turkish government has become more and more Islamist, but the IHH wants them to go even further.
•The group itself has been implicated in numerous al-Qa’ida operations. They were behind the millennium bomber in 2000, for example.
•If they really cared about the Palestinians they would have accepted the Israeli invitation to enter the Ashdod Port; to deliver their supplies to the Gaza strip through a land crossing, under their own observation, and then to return to their home port.
•A hardcore group (of about 40) were the ones who engaged in the violence, nearly beating Israeli soldiers to death. They were NOT aid workers.

“Israeli sources describe IHH as having a “radical Islamic, anti-Western orientation”. The report said files found on laptops belonging to the militants indicated strong ties between IHH and Mr Erdogan. Some of the activists allegedly told the interrogators that Mr Erdogan was involved in the flotilla’s preparations.

The object of the sailing, they said, was “to expose Israel’s true face to the world”.”

‘Israel points finger at Turkish PM’

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

IHH (Turkish NGO)

17 June, 2010



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