IPCC Consensus Science

India's 'Open' magazine 31/1/10

There are plenty of people seeing the fraud and dishonesty now. Let’s enjoy watching the media start turning around and being self-righteous, telling us that they knew all along that there was trickery going on.

‘Tough week for climate change science’

‘The Clamour Of The Times’

Coral Reef Degradation Claim:

“In one section of this Nobel-winning report, climate change is linked to coral reef degradation. The sole source for this claim? A Greenpeace report titled “Pacific in Peril”.”

‘Greenpeace and the Nobel-Winning Climate Report’

Mountain Ice Claim:

“The United Nations’ expert panel on climate change based claims about ice disappearing from the world’s mountain tops on a student’s dissertation and an article in a mountaineering magazine.”

‘UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article’

31 January, 2010



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