IPCC Scandal Deepens

Dr Richard North vs Rajendra Pachauri

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is an organization created exclusively to provide evidence of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). It should be obvious that their report, purportedly an amalgamation of climate change science, is in fact riddled with “errors” (pushing alarmist predictions), thanks in part to the inclusion of an environmentalist advocacy group’s “evidence”.

Natural Disasters Claim:

“The IPCC has now been forced to reassess its report linking extreme weather to climate change. The UN body’s about-face comes less than a week after it was forced to retract claims that the Himalayan glaciers would be largely melted by 2035.”

‘United Nations caught out again on climate claims’

“The claim by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that global warming is already affecting the severity and frequency of global disasters, has since become embedded in political and public debate. It was central to discussions at last month’s Copenhagen climate summit, including a demand by developing countries for compensation of $100 billion (£62 billion) from the rich nations blamed for creating the most emissions.”

‘UN wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters’

Amazon Rainforest Claim:

“The IPCC also made false predictions on the Amazon rain forests, referenced to a non peer-reviewed paper produced by an advocacy group working with the WWF.”

IPCC report: “Up to 40% of the Amazonian forests could react drastically to even a slight reduction in precipitation; this means that the tropical vegetation, hydrology and climate system in South America could change very rapidly to another steady state, not necessarily producing gradual changes between the current and the future situation (Rowell and Moore, 2000). It is more probable that forests will be replaced by ecosystems that have more resistance to multiple stresses caused by temperature increase, droughts and fires, such as tropical savannas.”

‘And now for Amazongate’

The apparent source of the IPCC quote refers to the Brazilian rainforest, which is 60% of the Amazonian rainforest. 40% of that 60% = approx. 24%

WWF report: “Up to 40% of the Brazilian forest is extremely sensitive to small reductions in the amount of rainfall. In the 1998 dry season, some 270,000 sq. km of forest became vulnerable to fire, due to completely depleted plant-available water stored in the upper five metres of soil. A further 360,000 sq. km of forest had only 250 mm of plant-available soil water left.”

‘The corruption of science’

26 January, 2010



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