IPCC Titanic

IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri declared himself to be ‘unsinkable,’ but then had to apologise for the inclusion of speculation in the 2007 IPCC Report that the Himalayan glaciers would be melted by 2035. The fact is that Himalayan glaciers appear to be growing.

Himalayan Glaciers Seem To Be Growing’

“Despite the 10-year-old New Scientist report being the only source, the claim found its way into the IPCC fourth assessment report published in 2007. Moreover the claim was extrapolated to include all glaciers in the Himalayas.”

‘Debate heats up over IPCC melting glaciers claim’

‘Richard North-Pachauri must resign.mp4’

‘Glacier claims won grants’

“Chairman Rajendra Pachauri would have us believe this is a case of “slipping up on one number”, thus ignoring what the error reveals about the culture of the IPCC, a culture that allowed it to rely on a statement from a WWF environmental campaigning document, which in turn relied on the New Scientist interview with a single scientist. The problem was apparently compounded by the inversion of a date in an earlier paper.”

‘Heeding the political lessons of Glaciergate’

‘Climate science on thin ice’

‘Cartoons by Josh’

25 January, 2010



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