Japanese Whaling ‘Culture’

Humans have been eating kangaroos for over 40,000 years, and kangaroos are prone to over-population. Many species of whales, however, are endangered, and Japanese whaling ‘culture’ was limited to their own coastline from its beginning in the 12th century. The hunting of other species of whales in the Antarctic Ocean only began in the 20th century. Japan’s current lethal ‘research’ is absurd and their exploitation of legal loopholes is contemptible. Commercial whaling is not economically viable, and is nothing more than misplaced nationalism.

“He [Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada] just clearly enunciated the fundamental, unaltered Japanese position: whale meat is part of Japan’s cultural heritage; international law allows Japan to whale in open waters; Japan isn’t hunting threatened species; and if Australians have a cultural objection to hunting whales, most Japanese find their eating kangaroos disgusting — without encouraging vigilantes to disrupt the Skippy-killing.”

‘Leaders place plain speaking on the agenda’

11 January, 2010



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