Kim Jong-Il Threatens War — Again

Kim Jong-Il (“So Ronery!”) is threatening us—again. It’s his message to the world…well… to Japan and South Korea mainly. But, it’s a bluff, a cry for attention. What a pity we can’t simply ignore him.

North Korea wants to survive. What they are doing at the moment is a typical cry for attention. They want to be bribed to stop their missile and nuclear programs. There is almost no chance they will ever fire off their nukes. The regime may be brutal and evil, but they are focused on their own survival. Even border clashes will not result in war with South Korea. Despite the rhetoric, they are actually hell bent on their own survival.

The North will never attack the South (in a full-scale war) because they know that they would lose. And the South will never attack the North, because the North can flatten Seoul with conventional weapons (rockets and artillery) in a matter of hours.

North Korea’s goals:

• Getting attention
• Scaring the international community
• Getting the international community to pay them to shut down their programs.
• They will take advantage of any perceived or actual weakness. (Motivated by paranoia, constant famines, and being short on cash and resources)

The real danger is if they sell their missiles and nuclear technologies. There is already proof of their cooperation with Iran and Syria.

However, putting geopolitical realities aside, I would love to see Kim’s regime taken out. God knows they should be, on humanitarian grounds alone, as the country is one giant Gulag! But a war with Japan or South Korea? I doubt it.

‘S. Korea, US troops on alert after North’s threats’

2 June, 2009


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