Let’s Filter Stephen Conroy!

Fairfax Media’s interview of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is compulsory viewing. Conroy’s arguments for Internet censorship are like something out of ABC’s political satire ‘The Hollowmen’!

I’ve said all I need to say on this subject in my February 3, 2009 entry. But again, I’m not in the least concerned for myself, as I can get around this filter quite easily. It’s the facts of the case that make it so unjustified:

a.) The filter will not protect children from inappropriate material.
b.) The filter will not prevent criminals from accessing and distributing child sexual abuse material.
c.) The filter will block access to material that is currently legal to possess and view.
d.) The filter will slow down the internet.

‘Internet’s not special, says communications minister’

‘Electronic Frontiers Australia: Open Internet’

‘The Hollowmen’

2 April, 2010



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