The UK’s Met Office misled the public when it said it had scrapped its seasonal forecast. What’s more, I find it hard to believe that it secretly forecast extreme cold given to the UK government. Its credibility has been well and truly shot to pieces.

“The Met Office logic is that although it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it is actually a horse. This explains the weak attempt to disown the seasonal temperature probability map that the department published in October. But Hirst’s actions now reveal the map is a forecast after all, in everything but name. The details from the Minutes are shown in the blue highlighted section in the screenshot below (click to enlarge).”

Click to enlarge

‘Met Office steps in it again’

‘Official Extract Met Office Board 26th Jan 2010’

“London, 6 January [2011]: The Global Warming Policy Foundation has called on the House of Commons Transport Select Committee to set up a parliamentary inquiry into the winter advice the Government received by the Met Office and the renewed failure of both the Government and local authorities to prepare the UK transport system for the third severe winter in a row.”

‘MetOffGate – the questions begin’

“Airports, energy providers, local authorities and health trusts were caught short by record cold weather extremes this year, for the third winter running – raising questions about the preparedness of the national infrastructure, and the quality of the meteorological advice these agencies receive. And it’s not an academic dispute: cold weather kills thousands of people each year, with UK citizens suffering one of the worst winter “excess” mortality rates in Europe. According to figures published by Office for National Statistics, there were 25,400 additional deaths in 2009/10 than in a comparable non-winter period.”

‘Death, grit and climate: Met Office drama unfolds’

‘Winter Mortality – Excess winter deaths fall’

2 February, 2011


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