NASA’s “Foremost” Mission Under Obama

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Get it, Obama? Surely NASA’s job is to further America’s progress in “aeronatautics” and, “space” flight and exploration. Geez….

“NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his “foremost” mission as the head of America’s space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.”

‘NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World’

“As for President Obama’s commitment to beyond-lunar space: Has he given a single speech, devoted an iota of political capital to it?

Obama’s NASA budget perfectly captures the difference in spirit between Kennedy’s liberalism and Obama’s. Kennedy’s was an expansive, bold, outward-looking summons. Obama’s is a constricted inward-looking call to retreat.

Fifty years ago, Kennedy opened the New Frontier. Obama has just shut it.”

‘Closing the New Frontier’

“For the first time in history, the moon is not just a mystery and a muse, but a nightly rebuke. A vigorous young president once summoned us to this new frontier, calling the voyage “the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.” We came, we saw, we retreated.

How could we?”

‘The Moon We Forgot’

‘The worst kind of infantile psycho-babble and adolescent diplomacy.’

‘Krauthammer Bashes Obama’s Infantile NASA Muslim Outreach Program’

‘NASA = No Americans in Space Anymore?’

6 July, 2010

3 Responses to NASA’s “Foremost” Mission Under Obama

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