Obama To Cut NASA’s Budget

Obama’s attitude to the space program is most dispiriting. It looks like the charismatic candidate of “hope” is destroying any hope of returning to the moon and of a manned mission to Mars.

” ‘Yes, We Can’ was an imprecise political slogan, but it was certainly optimistic – and in keeping with Barack Obama’s basic approach. With few exceptions, he ran an upbeat presidential campaign that appealed to Americans’ can-do spirit. Unfortunately, space exploration was one of those exceptions. In fact, early in the going, Obama proposed cutting NASA’s budget in a way that would delay, if not cripple, the space agency’s long-anticipated manned mission to Mars.”

‘Earth to Moon to Mars: Yes, We Can (and Should)’

“The best way to honour and remember all those who were part of the Apollo programme is to follow in our footsteps; to boldly go again on a new mission of exploration.” ~ Neil Armstrong

‘Moon astronauts urge Mars mission’

‘Obama meets astronauts; no promise of moon or Mars’

“A slim majority of Americans believe the United States should send astronauts to Mars despite the current economic crisis, a newly-released CBS News poll finds.”

Poll: Americans Say U.S. Should Go To Mars

20 July, 2009



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