Rudd Cares About Whales….During Election Years

If there were a genuine chance of success, they would have done this earlier. The Rudd government has had exactly the same legal advice for the past 2½ years! So, it is difficult to believe that this is anything other than a cynical election year ploy. I want to see an end to Japanese whaling, but I am not sure that this is worth the risks involved, and I seriously doubt Rudd’s commitment. I suspect they slapped this together to serve their short-term political interests, and do not really care whether it succeeds.

“The Rudd government’s decision to take legal action against Japanese whaling is a risky strategy because success is far from assured and failure will bring down other efforts to stem the slaughter.

These risks explain why the New Zealand government has pursued a diplomatic solution, despite the bleak prospects of success on that front. Wellington has said its legal advice indicates “success is far from certain”.

The consequences of losing at the International Court of Justice would be horrendous. It would give a green light to Japanese whaling fleets.”

Rudd risks the anti-whaling cause

28 May, 2010


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