Russian Invasion of Georgia

I’ve been analysing all the moves before the conflict began. Such as Russia’s troop build up along the border a month beforehand, their violation of Georgian airspace, and the sudden escalation of South Ossetian provocations before Russia’s overt involvement. This includes the roadside bombing of a Georgian police patrol and the sudden shelling of Georgian villages, which led to Georgia’s military response. Also, there’s the British Intelligence assessment that Putin would attack this year. Richard Holbrooke’s prediction last year that Russia would respond with force to bring Georgia back under its domination because of their future NATO membership promised in April. Finally, the U.S. government’s investigation that found it was the South Ossetians who initiated the conflict. Frankly, when it comes to believing the word of Saakashvili or Putin (which is mainly what it comes down to here), I’m more willing to believe a democratically elected, western educated ally than an autocratic, election rigging bully.

15 August, 2008


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