Sinking Of South Korean Warship

Reports say that the explosion was caused by an external source:

“There has been speculation in the South that the naval vessel was hit by a North Korean torpedo.”

—If it was a North Korean torpedo that would be an act of war. If the North went that far then they really are insane.

—If it was a mine, then it would have been put there recently and deliberately, as the South regularly patrols those waters.

“Fifty-eight crew survived, but 46 sailors died in the incident on 26 March.

Salvage workers found 36 bodies in the shattered hull of the Cheonan, a 1,200-tonne navy gunboat.

Two more bodies were recovered earlier, and another eight sailors remain unaccounted for.

The bow section of the vessel is due to be raised in about a week’s time.

The Cheonan sank close to the sea border which marks North and South Korean territorial waters.”

‘North Korea denies sinking South’s warship’

16 April, 2010


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