Some Like It Hot

Obviously, on average globally, 2010 was a warm year. Given El Niño/La Niña conditions this was to be expected. Whether it was the warmest, second warmest, third warmest year since 1850 is not the issue. The issue is the RATE of warming since 1950 (when CO2 emissions significantly increased).

The proposed theory is that CO2 changes drive changes in average global temperature. In fact, CO2 has not caused any measurable warming in the past 14 years. The computer models (not real measurements) all predict a rapid exponential rise in mean global temperature or MGT, in line with CO2, which is simply not occurring.

“MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: Professor Carter says it’s not surprising that last year was one of the warmest, but says that doesn’t mean greenhouse gases are to blame.

BOB CARTER: The question is not whether it causes warming, the question is how much warming? Since 1998 we’ve had three warm years – 1998, 2005 and 2010 – and each of those years is associated with an El Nino event which causes or is related to the warming. Okay, but there’s no trend, 2010 is not significantly warmer in any way than 1998.

So we have a warm period over a period of 12 years. Over those same 12 years we have a five per cent increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is supposed to cause more warming. Well this data that we’ve just discussed tells you that human carbon dioxide emissions are not causing dangerous global warming, indeed they’re not causing any warming at all at the moment.”

‘2010 one of the hottest on record’

‘2010 hits global temperature high’

21 January, 2011


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