Suspect Graphs On Wikipedia

This Wikipedia contributor goes by the pseudonym of ‘Hanno’, and has been linked to other dubious graphs on Wikipedia – such as a graph which spliced Mann and Jones’ infamous ‘Hockey Stick’ Graph with the Hadley/CRU temperature index and a graph of CO2 concentration according to ice cores – which even Mann said is something never done by responsible climate scientists (see Steve McIntyre’s analysis:

Wikipedia contributor ‘Hanno’ cut off the end of Moberg & Karlen’s graph and fused on Jones’ warped temperatures for the late 20th century. Note: Jones (director of the CRU) is part of the Climategate scandal. The rest of the graph shows the post 1940 cooling period up to the 1980s, prior to our modern warming period.

Correct and full version of Moberg & Karlen’s graph:

Another Suspect Graph On Wikipedia:

Used in pages such as: 'Temperature record of the past 1000 years'

‘Instrumental Temperature Record.svg’

This graph (above) from Wikipedia is based on Jones’ exaggeration of the post 1980 warming. But what is amusing is that besides this being a totally unreliable and misleading graph – the author has declined to graph out the five year average for post 2000. Ending with the 1990s five year average trend line was obviously more dramatic!

How inconvenient – even their own warped graphs tell them things they don’t like! So how about we finish it for him?

Steve McIntyre’s analysis:


27 November, 2009


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