Thai Troops Fire At Pro-Democracy Protesters

Are they ready for war, or a civilian protest?

Not even in Iran, did the regime send in soldiers in full combat gear and armed with machine guns, and open fire on crowds of unarmed pro-democracy protesters.

Thailand’s PM Abhisit Vejjajiva sends in the army to attack the pro-democracy protesters’ camp and open fire on them, and the mass media report them as ‘rioting’ protesters!

Earlier this week Abhisit reneged on his deal with the “Red Shirt” camp to hold elections, and then tried to have a rival assassinated — a former general, shot in the head by a sharpshooter.

Abhisit is a criminal who should be forced to hold elections this year before his term expires. His claim that the deal was abandoned because the protesters refused to compromise is a lie. The violent crackdown is simply an attempt to get rid of them as a political force.

“The latest violence erupted Thursday after the Red Shirts’ military strategist — a former Thai general — was shot and seriously injured, apparently by a sharpshooter, as he spoke to foreign journalists. One protester was fatally shot later Thursday and four were killed Friday, the army said. Among the wounded were two Thai journalists and a Canadian reporter — all from gunfire.”

The “Red Shirts” vs The Royalist regime:

•The “Red Shirts” simply want elections.
•They want those in the regime who committed crimes to be brought to justice.
•They want to prevent the Royalists from re-writing the constitution and crippling democracy.
•They want exactly the kind of democracy that we enjoy in the West.
•The Royalists, on the other hand, want a fake democracy; where only a certain number of seats are democratically elected, and the rest are automatically designated to their own party. Essentially a rigged, phony democracy.
•The Royalists have always dominated the army. The army launched the coup that overthrew the democratic government. They ruled as a junta for a while, and then appointed Abhisit as PM.

“Thai troops fire at rioting protesters in capital” – Associated Press

14 May, 2010


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