The Danger To Georgia Is Still Clear And Present

As far as Obama is concerned, the disagreement over Georgia is “no longer an obstacle” to good relations with Russia. On the face of it, this is sending Putin the wrong message. It implies a Russia first policy rather than American allies first. It can also be interpreted as giving Russia freedom to engage in provocative acts along Georgia’s borders. Russian forces continue to occupy Abkhazia and South Ossetia, in violation of the cease-fire agreement, and they are constructing bases in both those territories. What is worse, Obama’s policy appears to neglect other U.S. allies in Eastern Europe. To be fair, we cannot know what was discussed in those back room dealings between Obama, Medvedev and Putin. Nevertheless, this shows a disregard for his responsibilities to Georgia.

“On May 10, in a message to the Congress requesting for the support to this treaty with Russia, President Obama said that he had reviewed the situation and concluded, that “the situation in Georgia need no longer be considered an obstacle to proceeding with the proposed Agreement.”

“The sad thing is, it’s not just the Georgians. Ask the Poles, or the Czechs, or others in central Europe, and you’ll hear the same anxiety about American abandonment,” Senator McCain said.”

“It would be one thing to resubmit the… treaty noting that the United States still has serious disagreements with Russia over Georgia. Instead, by stating so boldly that the situation in Georgia is no longer an obstacle to advancing Russian-American relations, the administration is essentially abandoning the Georgians and giving Russia a green light to continue to engage in provocative behavior along its borders,” David J. Kramer wrote.

‘Sen. McCain Criticizes Obama over Georgia’

11 May, 2010


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