The Eagle Is Grounded

Peter Brookes, © 2010

The Obama administration has little regard for space exploration or genuine scientific advancement. The cancellation of the Constellation Program will not only allow the Chinese to land on the moon before the United States goes back, but will condemn the US to second or third rate status in space. And some people think that Obama is maintaining the legacy of JFK?

“In the meantime, the White House will direct NASA to concentrate on Earth-science projects — principally, researching and monitoring climate change — and on a new technology research and development program that will one day make human exploration of asteroids and the solar system possible.”

A lot of the funding will probably go to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and that lunatic James Hansen!

‘Obama to End NASA Constellation Program’

Obama’s mediocre attitude to space exploration:

Obama said he wanted to use Monday’s anniversary of the Apollo moon landing to show that “math and science are cool again.”

‘Obama Meets Astronauts; No Promise of Moon or Mars’

“The best way to honour and remember all those who were part of the Apollo programme is to follow in our footsteps; to boldly go again on a new mission of exploration.” ~ Neil Armstrong

‘Moon astronauts urge Mars mission’

‘Obama Puts Entire NASA Space Program in Limbo’,2933,519380,00.html

30 January, 2010


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