The Georgian Arms Embargo

Obama and Hillary Clinton talk tough on Georgia, but in reality they are appeasers. Even though Russia is the recognised aggressor in the 2008 war, under the U.S./Russia “reset” it’s Georgia that’s being punished. Georgia can’t even buy blank ammunition from the U.S. to train their own troops with, let alone the defensive weapons they need! It’s obscene, considering Putin acted just like Hitler when he launched his imperialist adventure into Georgia, and Russian troops still occupy Georgian territory, in breach of the ceasefire agreement. If Obama and Hillary can’t, or won’t, back up their strong words with deeds then they should at least be honest about it. If only John McCain were president right now. He would at least ensure that Georgia could defend itself, and have a good deterrent against a future attack.

“As the JDW (Jane’s Defence Weekly) correspondent pointed out, “Other Georgian officials expressed their frustration with the situation by pointing out that ‘the US even prohibits the sale to us of blank ammunition to be used for training. Obviously pushing the ‘reset’ button with Russia is more important than our military.’” So, the infamous ‘re-set’ is again the center of the problem, with Russia being given veto power by Washington over arms sales to Georgia.”

‘What Signal Does Washington’s Arms Embargo against Georgia Tell us About US Policy towards Ukraine?’

17 July, 2010


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