The Guardians Of Climate Science

Minister for "Science" Kim Carr

A panel of Australian journalists and academics chosen by the University of Technology Sydney’s “Centre for Independent Journalism” have decided that sceptical views of global warming should not, or should rarely, be reported. Their implication is that skepticism has no place in modern scientific investigation! What ever our social betters (politicians, journalists, intellectuals, cultural elites) decide must be for the best, right?

Well, as far as politicians are concerned, they are not put into office to do what they think is BEST for us, they are put there to do what WE, THE PEOPLE, THINK IS BEST FOR US. What right do they – including the Minister for Science – have to silence scientific debate in a democratic country? (Particularly from within the scientific community.)

Apart from his obviously partisan political motives, I wonder whether the Minister for Science, Kim Carr, has ANY idea how science actually works. Apparently, fairness does not require that you cover opposing arguments:

“We don’t have to accord superstition and wishful thinking the same status as science. This is much more than fairness requires and much more than reason permits.”

For a Minister for Science to make such an astounding statement contrary to the very foundations of scientific research, analysis and reporting is very disturbing, to say the least.

‘2010 George Munster Award Forum’

‘UTS: Australian Centre for Independent Journalism – About the Centre’

4 November, 2010


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