The Guns of August ’08

Supposedly civilized Western Europe has never given a shit about Eastern Europe or the Balkans. They don’t care whether it’s the Mongols, Turks, Russians, Napoleon, Hitler or Stalin – they’ve never really lifted a finger to help them against these threats. They basically don’t consider Eastern Europeans to be fully civilized people, hence it’s ok to stab them in the back and buy off aggressors with their freedom.

George W. Bush and John McCain are among the very few politicians in the West with the moral integrity to stand up for countries that look to the West for an example despite constantly getting shafted.

It says a great deal that Poland still has troops in Afghanistan and Iraq whereas other NATO “allies” are doing everything they can to get out. 15/8/08


The sad truth is that Russia has effectively won. Almost all their covert war aims are going to be met. Primarily, they have sent a severe warning to all other former Soviet countries that if they try to get too close to the West (i.e. NATO, EU, good terms with Western leaders etc.) there may be severe consequences for them. The other lesson is the re-confirming of the fact that the UN and the EU are useless organizations that would be better off abolished. The prestige of the West has been greatly weakend among countries that they were attempting to bring into the Western fold.

I’m afraid that Putin can sit back and be quite satisfied with this week’s work. 13/8/08


Putin’s obvious war aims:

1.) The removal of the Democratically elected President of Georgia (Saakashvili)
2.) The annexation of some of Georgia (including Abkhazia and S. Ossetia)
3.) Turn Georgia into a small subservient (or client) state.
4.) VERY IMPORTANT POINT: the control of the (Baku-Supsa) oil pipeline running through Georgia. That would give them a monopoly on oil supplies running through the Caucasus. That would give Russia a lot of power.
5.) Push back American influence in the region.
6.) It would be seen as a reassertion of Russian power (Putin wanting a revival of an imperial Russia). 10/8/08

15 August, 2008


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