The Honduras Media Myth

Poster reads: “We don’t have oil. We don’t have dollars. But we have balls!”

MYTH: The removal of Zelaya in Honduras was “a military coup which was against the constitution and Zelaya is still the legitimate president”

– The attempted poll (referendum) was ruled illegal by the Supreme Court.
– Chavez was heavily involved; both financing the poll and printing and flying in all the ballots (the ballots were, by order of the Attorney General, confiscated at the airport, but Zelaya supporters broke in and stole the ballots).
– The Honduras Supreme Court voted to remove Zelaya after they ruled he was breaking the law and was violating the constitution (an act of treason).
– Article 42 of the Honduran constitution clearly shows that Zelaya committed treason.
– The Congress voted to remove Zelaya
– The Attorney General stated that Zelaya was committing illegal acts and treason.
– The military acted to uphold the constitution by stopping the illegal poll and remove Zelaya from power.
– There is no military takeover or military government in Honduras; according to constitutional law and democracy, the president of the congress (Roberto Micheletti) was sworn in as the new President of Honduras.

(The second myth of course is that the OAS expelled Honduras, when in fact they withdrew on Friday, the 3rd of July. One reason for this assertion is that the OAS, and some countries, do not recognise the new president)

8 July, 2009


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