The Missing “Hot Spot” In The Upper Troposphere

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The missing hot spot in the upper troposphere over the tropics could mean that there is no positive feedback from water vapour. It is the atmosphere’s main “greenhouse gas”, therefore it is believed that global warming will be enhanced by an increased amount of it. Yet, if we believe the radiosonde data and satellite temperature trends, either the CO2 induced warming is negligible, or it is consumed by negative feedbacks. This would appear to indicate no increased amounts of water vapour in the upper atmosphere, trapping radiation.

“Global warming hysteria is based on climate computer models that don’t work. If outgoing radiation from the atmosphere is reduced to less than the incoming radiation from the Sun, heat energy will accumulate in the climate system causing rising temperatures. The models assume CO2 emissions will cause water vapour, the strongest greenhouse gas, to increase in the upper atmosphere, trapping the radiation. They also assume clouds will trap more radiation. But satellite and weather balloon data shows just the opposite of the climate model predictions.

The chart (linked) below compares the model predicted change of outgoing radiation to the actual satellite measured change of outgoing radiation, both in response to changing sea surface temperatures.”

‘Climate Computer Models Are Proven Wrong’

‘Lindzen & Choi 2009’

‘Climate Sensitivity Estimates: Heading Down, Way Down?’

2 September, 2010


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