The Threat Of Nuclear/Biological Terrorism

Peter Brookes, © 2009

I’m not an alarmist.  But here are some possibilities. Some analysts are saying that a biological or nuclear attack on a city “somewhere” in the West will almost certainly take place before 2014.

I personally think that Iran building a nuclear bomb is the most serious threat, and them using it sometime after 2015, if nothing is done to stop them.  By that time Iran will have build up enough nuclear weapons, and figured out how to make suitcase bombs, which they could then distribute to terrorists groups.  Israel of course would be their prime target.

If it’s elsewhere in the West, it’s more likely than not to be Europe, thanks to the delusions of many there.  But the odds have substantially increased for another attack on the US too.

Either way, the West is going to have to suffer something much much worse than 9/11 before the people wake up and smell the coffee.  I’ve said it before:  Hundreds of thousands may die before we enter a decisive battle with Islamic terrorism.

‘Telling blows in the war on terror’

“There is also no doubt that al-Qa’ida wants to acquire weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons. Given the breadth of its support internationally, its notoriously long view of strategy, its operational persistence, and the propensity of democracies to lose focus on threats that are quiet for a while, the odds still have to favour al-Qa’ida eventually succeeding in this aim. And that will change absolutely everything.”,25197,24362383-5013460,00.html

4 September, 2008


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