Turkish Tragedy

It is tragic what has happened to Turkey ever since the Islamists took power. They were a secular country, on the road to a more open, Westernised and relatively free society. But now they are accelerating down the road to autocracy.

One sign of this is Erdogan’s deliberate move away from a long-standing, friendly relationship with Israel to one of open hostility. The other is Turkey’s friendlier relations with Iran, signified by their recent nuclear deal, undermining the efforts of other nations to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

It would not surprise me in the least if Erdogan was behind the whole flotilla incident. I think he purposely wanted confrontation and bloodshed. The 40 IHH “peace activists”, many of who were hell-bent on martyrdom, were allowed onto the Marvi Marama without security checks, which were compulsory for other passengers.

I believe that the Turkish government intended to use the violence as an excuse to further distance themselves from Israel. It would also play well domestically, and regionally, whipping up Islamist and pan-Islamic sentiments.

One major clue, besides letting the IHH activists on board unhindered, is the fact that Turkey ended their secret pact with Israel only one month before the flotilla incident. I doubt that this was a coincidence!

“Worsening relations between Israel and Turkey have a hidden side in which the stakes are high: after more than 60 years of secret military alliance, the two countries’ defence and intelligence cooperation is coming to an end. This split, initiated by Turkey’s Islamist-leaning Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, deprives Israeli defence groups of one of their most faithful clients.”

‘Tel Aviv and Ankara break secret pact’

‘A Visit Inside Turkey’s Islamist IHH’

20 June, 2010



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