Ukraine — Who Cares About Democracy?

Hillary Rodham Clinton (left) and Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko (right)

Surely, Hillary Clinton realises that Vladimir Putin is in control of Ukraine, despite her kiss-arse diplomacy. Hillary is apparently “deeply impressed” by the democratic gains in Ukraine. Gains? What gains? There’s nothing but setbacks! She even says that NATO membership is still open to Ukraine, yet this is Yanukovych (Putin’s bitch) she’s talking to! He doesn’t want to join NATO — not now, not ever. Certainly not without Putin’s say so.

Hillary is either genuinely delusional, or she knows the truth but doesn’t want to jeopardise the “reset” with Russia.

“Kiev, Ukraine – Treading lightly on Russia’s doorstep, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton praised Ukraine’s new Moscow-friendly leadership for its pursuit of democracy, skimming over concerns about a rollback of liberties.”

“Clinton made no explicit criticisms of Ukraine’s human rights record, instead telling Yanukovych the United States is “deeply impressed” by the democratic gains in Ukraine. She made it clear her intent was to encourage, not lecture.”

‘Clinton treads lightly on Russia’s doorstep’

3 July, 2010


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