Ukraine’s Subverted Democracy

I knew that Russia would attempt to subvert Ukraine’s democracy, but in many ways, this is worse. Clearly, the EU wanted to declare the Ukrainian vote as totally free and fair, with no significant irregularities, just to have better relations with Russia. There were irregularities, and they were significant enough because the vote was so close. The EU stabbed Georgia in the back, and now it’s Ukraine’s turn. Why else would Sarkozy declare “This is a victory for Ukrainian democracy and a model for the whole of the region,” other than to suck up to Russia? It’s what they planned all along — not getting in Putin’s way. It’s now beyond any doubt that Yanukovych rigged the 2004 election. And with someone so obviously anti-democratic elected in Ukraine, is it really a triumph for democracy?

‘Yanukovich win is victory for Ukraine democracy-Sarkozy’

“If the Orange Revolution demonstrated one thing, it is that Ukraine’s politics are not those of a pendulum, swinging between opposing forces that agree on the fundamental rules of democracy. It is patently clear from his own words that Yanukovich does not accept the legitimacy of the Orange Revolution, which means he does not accept the bedrock principle of democracy that you cannot cheat your way to power.”

‘West should back its Ukraine ally’

12 February, 2010


2 Responses to Ukraine’s Subverted Democracy

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