Ukrainian Federalism: Code For Rule From Moscow

Russia currently rules the Abkhazian and South Ossetian regions of Georgia, and now has its greedy eyes set on Ukraine. If Ukraine were to become a “federal state”, as the new vice premier says, then Russia would once again rule the Crimea and the eastern regions, because those have large Russian populations. A federal system is just Russia’s excuse to install puppet governments in those regions. The western and central parts of Ukraine would be all right, but the others would be unofficially ruled from Moscow.

“In an interview in the current issue of “Gazeta 2000,” Viktor Tikhonov, the new vice prime minister for regional policy, says that he is “a convinced supporter of the ideals of decentralization of power and federalism,” arguing that this is consistent with Ukrainian history and Ukrainian needs for the future.”

‘Связной между центром и регионами’

‘Ukraine Needs to Become a Federal State, New Vice Premier Says’

1 May, 2010


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