WikiLeaks: Lebanon In Danger

Will Hezbollah be more or less likely to launch a coup d’etat against Lebanon’s government now that it has hard evidence that Prime Minister Hariri favours regime-change in Iran? Moreover, evidence that the Lebanese government allowed the U.S. to fly over Hezbollah positions, passing on its reconnaissance information to Israel? The government even promised the Israelis that the Lebanese army would stay out of a war with Hezbollah.

Without playing down the Hezbollah threat, I do not believe that they could successfully take over the entire country. It would mean another civil war, and just look at how that worked out last time! And the instant Hezbollah tried to take over the reins of government it would be shortly followed by IDF/IAF action directly against them. The best that they could achieve is a more favourable regime, brought about by intimidation of and collaboration with Sunnis, Christians and Druze.

“The diplomatic records exposed on the WikiLeaks website this week revealed a 2008 conversation between the Lebanese Defense Minister, Elias Murr, and US officials in Lebanon, in which he offered advice on how Israel could defeat Hizbullah in a future war.

Although he made clear he is not responsible for passing on messages to Israel, he said the Israelis should, for instance, avoid bombing bridges and infrastructure in Christian areas in a future war, so as not to turn public opinion against them.

“If Israel has to bomb all of these places in the Shiite areas as a matter of operational concern, that is Hizbullah’s problem,” Murr reportedly said.

Murr also said the Lebanese army would not get involved in the next war, adding that the objective was for the army to survive a three week war “completely intact” and to be able to “take over once Hizbullah’s militia has been destroyed.” ”

‘Wikileaks: Lebanon advised on how to defeat Hizbullah’

“Lebanon warned “Iran telecom” was taking over the country after uncovering a secret communications network used by Hezbollah two years ago, a US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks showed on Monday.

The Beirut government was shocked at the discovery in April 2008 of the extensive communications system used by the Shia party, which receives military and financial support from Iran, according to the cable.”

‘WikiLeaks: Lebanon shocked by Hezbollah telecom network’

‘Hezbollah Threatens to Take Over Lebanon’

9 December, 2010


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