You Speak Heresy, Sir, Repent…Repent!

As usual, the clumsy self-censorship reveals all:

“Revkin of NYT takes back his statement that skeptics are more knowledgeable about the science.

From “the Hockey Schtick”

Tom Nelson featured a surprising quote from warmist/alarmist Andrew Revkin of the New York Times in the article Climate, Communication and the ‘Nerd Loop’:

“The last link is particularly important, given that it shows, among other things, that those dismissing human-driven global warming tend to have a more accurate picture of the basic science than those alarmed by it.”

The quote has since disappeared, now replaced by:

10:46 p.m. | Updated I’ve removed a line I’d tacked on here that gave too simplistic a summary of the Six Amercias [sic] study.

The Yale University Six Americas study in fact states in the Executive Summary on page 4:

“…this study also found that for some knowledge questions the Doubtful and Dissmissive [skeptics of man-made global warming] have as good an understanding, and in some cases better, than the Alarmed and Concerned.”

see the report for specific examples:


I’ll add that Mr. Revkin has always been fair with me, but surely he must have known that this would be noticed, particularly when it paints skeptics in a positive light?

There’s an old Chinese proverb:

“Do not remove a fly from your friend’s forehead with a hatchet.”

I think it applies equally well to removing things from websites. Nobody really noticed the “fly” i.e. the sentence on Dot Earth until we were presented with a gaping hole of where it used to be. – Anthony”

‘Another inconvenient web posting “disappeared” ‘

20 April, 2011


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