The Proposed CO2-AGW Theory Disproven

To paraphrase Prof. Bob Carter, science is all about hypothesis testing (or idea testing). The idea that human-induced CO2 emissions cause dangerous global warming is falsified by the fact there has been no warming for the past decade, despite soaring emissions. Furthermore, CO2’s role is going to be one of continual diminishment:

Source: A graph of logarithmic growth

•The relationship between increasing CO2 and increasing temperature is not a straight line.
•It is a logarithmic curve asymptotic to the axis.
•We are already near the top.
•We can double CO2 and prima facie warming will be a degree or less.
•The only reason the IPCC tells you it will be 3 to 6 degrees is because they put in positive feedback loops and ignore all the negative feedback ones.
•Just the CO2 itself is about a degree warming for a doubling.  If we doubled again, it would be less than a degree because of the logarithmic nature of the curve.

‘Prof. Bob Carter Präsentation’

‘The Bolt Report: Episode 4, 29 May 2011. Editorial & Interview with Professor Bob Carter’

‘NOAA/NCDC Land Sea Temperature Anomaly Trend From Jan2001 through month 4, 2011’

‘NOAA/NCDC Land Sea Temperature Anomaly Trend From Jan1980 through month 4, 2011’


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