The Rise Of China

The current Chinese regime desires respect from the world fitting with representation of an “ancient civilization”. How can one respect a country that believes in nothing but its own cynical national self-interest and over-inflated sense of its own importance, both now and in history?

Wherever there is evil in the world – war, genocide, and crackpot dictatorships – you can bet that the Chinese regime plays an active role in supporting the status quo. China will proceed to gobble up the world’s resources without giving a damn about the consequences – all the while demanding “respect”.

Tyrannical regimes are quick to accuse the US of only looking out for itself, but can you imagine the degradation of a world dominated by an undemocratic China? At the back of their minds they want a return to the days where foreign “barbarians” bow down to their “superiority”.

In 200 years, if the USA were no longer a world power, do you honestly think that a China run by a political dictatorship, with a couple of billion people and a huge army and navy, would refrain from invading Australia if we had resources that it needed?

At the very least they would dominate us economically, on their terms.

Does anyone stop to consider that all the good trading relationships in the world would not stop a nuclear war if China decided to take out Taiwan, or any other country, by force?

Giving them the Olympics was such a joke. Talk about rewarding bad behaviour.

Veteran diplomat and former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns:

” ‘The rise of China is the single most important issue facing the US for the next 50 years,’ Burns said. There was wide agreement, he argued, across the US political system on its approach to China – to engage with China but also to hedge by building a new strategic relationship with India and rely upon the US alliance system in Asia constituting Japan, South Korea and Australia.

‘I hope that Australia will stick with the US,’ Burns said. ‘I’m betting on the American model, not the Chinese model.’ Who could disagree with that? But Burns shattered this Australian-American concord by putting the harsh reality on the table, hitting it around and striking, in turn, a formidable figure from the past, former Labor foreign minister, Gareth Evans.

‘The surest way to peace with China is through strength,’ Burns said. This meant ongoing US ‘military dominance’ in the Asian region with the alliance system of Japan, South Korea and Australia directed to this purpose.”

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