Dictator For Life

©Vince McIndoe

UPDATE1: August 10, 2012 Putin Confirms the Invasion of Georgia Was Preplanned

UPDATE2: September 16, 2012 Georgian Democracy and Russian Meddling

UPDATE3: November 9, 2012 New Georgia government detains general, ex-minister. (Ivanishvili’s witch-hunt begins.)

If the Russians don’t overthrow Putin now, are they going to try again in ten years? He has actually said that he wants to “run” again in 2018, as if democratic elections have any meaning when opponents are disqualified and the state media does the regime’s bidding!

Putin has chosen to be a dictator for life – that’s the historical significance of this moment. It clearly bodes ill for Russia’s immediate neighbours and the world.

I strongly suspect there’s been a secret deal to hand over Belarus to Russia when its dictator Lukashenko dies. They have already given Russia a certain amount of control.

Ukraine’s Orange Revolution has failed in large part due to political pressure from Moscow, which includes the threatening message sent to Russia’s “near abroad” by its invasion of Georgia in 2008.

Concerning Georgia, Putin could, under the cover of the U.S. elections, the Olympic Games in London, possible Middle Eastern conflicts (Israel vs. Iran or the Syrian civil war), and before a weak president is gone, finish his invasion of Georgia. Russia already occupies South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This puts them less than 24 hours from besieging the capital, Tbilisi.

In 2008, it was the distraction of the Olympics in China and the “lame duck” phase of Bush’s presidency that Putin exploited, as well as the usual weak noises coming from Europe. Could Europe be much weaker economically and politically than it is now?

The end of the Putin regime would benefit the world too. If China were alone on the Syrian issue, I believe they would back off, and Georgia would naturally be safe because a democratic Russia would have no interest in trying to take them over.

Putin says no crackdown on protesters after vote

Russia election: Police arrest 550 at city protests

From South Ossetia to War With Georgia


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