Mars One


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This project just doesn’t look serious – especially with its ‘reality TV’ component. Their mission is overly optimistic to the point of being delusional. The technologies do not exist yet, particularly to shield against radiation. Ten years to establish a settlement (with a 2022 launch) is simply not possible. Even a massive increase in NASA’s budget, for example, could not do it within that timeframe. Whole industries need to be started up to support the project, and be maintained, to ensure its success. And addressing all the safety issues will cost a lot more than $6 billion. Frankly, any space exploration or colonisation on the cheap is criminal. Full trials of crafts, test flights, and testing of concepts/theories and materials on Mars would be essential. If you want a realistic vision of how we can colonise Mars read Buzz Aldrin’s Mission to Mars.

“More than 2500 Australians have applied for the one-way trip to Mars, which will double as a reality TV show.

The Mars One project, which aims to create the first human settlement on the Solar System’s second-smallest planet, has received 165,000 applications from astronaut hopefuls from 140 different countries.

“We now have a large group of applicants from where we can start our search,” Mars One chief medical officer Dr Norbert Kraft said.

“Finding the best crews of qualified and compatible individuals is crucial to the success of our mission.”

Successful applicants will have to say goodbye to Earth forever, with the first crew of four people expected to launch into space for their seven months journey to Mars in 2022.”

Australians apply to be part of the Mars One project

“The Martian surface is therefore extremely hostile to life, says Dr Veronica Bray, from the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, who is sceptical about the project.

There’s no liquid water, the atmospheric pressure is “practically a vacuum”, radiation levels are higher and temperatures vary wildly, she says.

“Radiation exposure is a concern, especially during the trip. This can lead to increased cancer risk, a lowered immune system and possibly infertility.”

To minimise radiation, the project team will cover the domes with several metres of soil, which the colonists will have to dig up.

“I have no doubt that we could physically place a human being on Mars. Whether they’d be able to survive for an extended period of time is much more doubtful,” adds Dr Bray.”

Applicants wanted for a one-way ticket to Mars

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