The “Great Game”


A peaceful diplomatic solution to Assad’s possession of chemical weapons would be welcome, but this is not Putin’s true position. Putin wants Assad to continue waging the war unhindered. He has been feeding the Syrian Civil War by supplying Assad with weapons, munitions, and diplomatic support. Putin is now congratulating himself that he has skilfully saved Assad from any serious consequences for the very real and confirmed gassing of innocent people.

What everyone needs to do is look at the track records. Assad, Putin, and Obama. What have they done; what are their motives; who do you trust?

What I want to emphasise is that Putin cannot be trusted. His article is not genuine. He is trying to protect Assad through any manipulative and dirty means necessary. Don’t take him at face value. Putin talks quietly and “reasonably” so as to look well intentioned. Remember how he treats his own people. What he does to those who stand up to him. The people he oppresses. He’s not preaching to you from a high pulpit, but from a dark dungeon. To understand him and to filter his words, you must know the “Great Game” of manipulative diplomacy that the Russians have always played. Right now, the free world is losing this game. Remember; Beowulf: “An astute man must take a measure of two things – words and deeds, and keep the two clear in his mind”.

Right now Putin is playing many naive people in the West by pretending he wants what they want – peace. But he is actually manipulating them for his own ends. Sound familiar? Hitler 1938.

With his article, Putin is trying to stir an isolationist sentiment. One in which he and his fellow dictators will be left alone by the US while they imprison, torture, and kill. This is the “peace” that we see in the world today. A phoney peace. That’s why there are so many political refugees today. When one dictator pushes it even further by waging war on his own people and crossing “red lines” by gassing innocent people, including children, Putin is counting on a disinterested world. A world intimidated into non-action by fear of war.

By not taking the right measure of the man behind the words, understanding his motives, they’re backing – indirectly – an immoral position.

“In an unprecedented move, President Vladimir Putin has written an article for the New York Times, declaring he wants to “speak directly to the American people”. Putin´s reminder of the UN´s purpose and why its power should not be undermined is both logical and diplomatic. Here is his plea for American restraint in full, please tell us what you think in the comments section.”

Putin speaks directly to the American people: and what he says makes perfect sense

They’ve been played:

Putin — Saruman Come Alive

Every Tyranny Is Paranoid

2 Responses to The “Great Game”

  1. ladoko pwal says:

    so you mean to say U.S. should go into war against Syria…..seriously? look at middle east and the situation of the countries where you brought democracy. Putin’s argument is reasonable although we may not know what his real intentions are. and by the way the “gassing” of innocent people was most probably done by the rebels who are being backed up by U.S. itself. and by referring to hutler 1938: hitler told his people that they are superior/ exceptional just like Obama

    • simonjmeath says:

      It appears you just skim read my article, and made assumptions. You assume I’m American – I am actually Australian. You assume this article is about whether America should go to war in Syria – it’s really about Putin’s true motives.

      Didn’t the very first sentence welcome a peaceful solution? How did you miss that?!

      If you want to say your piece about America taking military action against Assad’s regime, then find an article advocating that position, and comment there.

      What I’m saying is don’t be fooled by Putin. Only the gullible would find anything he ever says reasonable. I am also saying that Assad should face strong consequences for his actions. But if you would like to know more about my article – try reading it properly.

      Now it is clear why trying to figure out Putin’s real intentions is confusing you. You complain about America considering a military response, yet you can live with Putin encouraging the Syrian war with a constant stream of weapons and munitions. How can Putin be defending peace when he himself plays a part in a war?

      And if you want to believe that Assad didn’t gas innocent civilians despite all the evidence, then there’s no helping you. I would suggest you research this, but maybe you can’t handle it.

      By the way, you are in serious need of a history lesson if you don’t know that Hitler declared to the West in 1938 that he only desired peace. And grab a dictionary if you can’t tell the difference between “superior” and “exceptional”. This means you have a problem making fine distinctions.

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